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  Zhejiang Sanmen Chengchao Polyurethane Co., Ltd. is a super-professional production of polyester products businesses, the main products belt, belt, wide band - Belt, single tooth-shaped belt grinder with food, and various urethane for below-knee Huan miscellaneous items. Products in the machine tool, textile, light industry, electric tools, etc. Instrument Drive

     Widely used in industry. The company's products renowned Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, as in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe and the United States countries. Based on the domestic market and we look
Global, peer-to be the latest, greatest best, and constantly improve the quality and price system. A plastic every three people as a hero of professionalism. Years

,   Three plastic products trusted by the user and support. The wave swept through the market economy comes from the surging, as steam, they call us, I Have to struggle to create, to pursue. We will be more firm conviction, prudence pace and high morale in the more lofty ideals forward, tomorrow will be filling Man changes, but change is reshaping our three-class entrepreneurial spirit - "quality-oriented, the credibility." User demand is the enterprise constantly explore new impetus,

    Users goal is the supremacy of users in the company purposes, the real follow technology development. To create excellent public services. Excellent quality, continuous innovation, improve the services it is our eternal pursuit of three plastic










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